Easy. Automated. Functional.

Our Booth Software

Our booth software is built to handle all the work for you. Add the event, and let us take care of everything else involved with the event. We'll contact the client to configure the look and feel of their photos and videos. All changes are immediately downloaded to the booth.

Our booth won't turn on until the event's desired date and time. While the event is in operation, we'll monitor the health of the booth, ensuring photos and videos are of their highest quality.

Once the event ends, our system double and triple checks all files have been sent to the gallery. We will then zip everything up and notify the client they are ready to download!

All of these steps are backed with 24/7 customer support technicians, always on standby if you have a question.

Check out the photo below, where we showcase our customer journey. From the point you input the event, all the way to the deliverables sent to your client.

Automated Event Activation

When an event is loaded into our platform, our booths automatically program themselves to activate at the set day and time.

Once events are added there is nothing your staff needs to do beside roll the booth into place.

2x6 or 4x6 Prints

When you sell your photo booth packages, you can upcharge for additional services.

Our booth can support either 2x6 or 4x6 prints, allowing your venue to maximize on profits.

Text Message Copy

We live in the digital age, let your guests send a copy of their photos to their phone directly! This feature is 100% free to you, the venue.

Digital Marketing Display

We designed our booth to be left in your main room for digital marketing when not in use. You can manage what content is being displayed through our online platform.

With your marketing running on the screen, you'll you get your message out to more guest than ever before.

Instant Event

No other photo booth vendor offers the ability for any guest to instantly activate your booth during an event that didn't include the booth when booking the space with your team.

This feature allows guests (aunts, uncles, moms, dads, etc) to pay for the booth and instantly activate the photo booth for use! Our booth will make you money simply sitting in a corner!

Video Guest Book

Capture and share video messages with a virtual guestbook. This feature seamlessly integrates into our both to maximize per event profitability.

Our Platform Software

Self Service Platform

Once your staff enters an event into our system, our automation rules go to work sending out all the messaging required to complete their events look and feel.

Full Control Over Your Booth

You'll be able to see all aspects of your booth in our portal, and turn on or off any features you don't want available.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Our system will automatically notify you and the host of the event any relevant alerts or actions required. Once an event comes to completion, you'll receive an event end report, while the host receives a link to view all their photos online!

Instant Event

Instant events are fully controlled with packages you specify. Price, length, features can be easily added or removed.

Photo Hosting

We host all the photos from your events online for up to 1 year. You and your hosts will have access to the photos anytime.

Billing Center

We take all the headaches out of billing. Once an event ends, we automatically debit what ever card you have on file and email the invoice to your accounting department.

Auto Upsell

Our platform automatically auto upsells add-on packages to ensure you get the most amount of revenue possible.


Our AI will automatically take each photo and upscale the image while also applying deep learning to enhance the look and feel of the photo.

We put each photo through a neral net to determine emotions of guests, and count the amount of faces detected in each photo. These analytics are then pulled into a report for your staff to analyze at the end of the event.

An Event Process

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Enter Event Details

Event details are entered into our self-serve dashboard.

2. Automatted Systems Activated

Our system will automatically map out set intervals for the host to pre-configure their event. Our booths download the event and program all the settings and customizations the host has made.

3. Event End Deliverables

After the event, we compile all the data and automatically send the host their photos while you receive every detail about the event. This includes customer data, photos, and social tags.